Fish Shower Curtain

71x74 inches


71x74 inches with PVC liner


Product Details

  • Poly printed Shower Curtain with 12 button holes for hook placement (Shower hooks and curtain rod not included)
  • Care: Machine wash in cold water, use gentle cycle only. Do not bleach. Dry flat only.
  • Packaging: Grey poly bag
  • NOTE: During the ordering process, you can zoom in or out, move the photo around, and/or rotate the photo. The actual curtain you get will ultimately be exactly what you see and approve during your ordering process.

Colorful Coral Reef

A Pair Of Clownfish

On Their Way

Turtle Time

Is That Nemo?

Pink Anemone

Deep Blue

Pink, Purple & Blue

Underwater Reflection

Stunning Jellyfish

Colorful School

Splendid Anemone

A fish shower curtain! Many people love this, and it totally makes sense. A shower curtain with images of ocean life is bound to be colorful and pretty. Ocean-themed decoration in the bathroom is very popular. What with different types of fish, stunning jellyfish, and breath-taking corals, the underwater world is surely one of nature’s more amazing miracles. By including this in your bathroom, you have a little piece of this at home with you. And by choosing one of ours, you will certainly have a unique shower curtain as the highlight of your bathroom’s highlight.

This theme is also very popular for kids’ bathrooms. Children are naturally drawn both to animals and to color, and so having pictures of fish in their bathrooms is a home run. The clownfish curtains in our selection are a natural choice, especially with the evergreen popularity of Finding Nemo and the new Finding Dory. The jellyfish, or the bright colors of our Pink, Blue & Purple are also big hits. The pretty anemones are another huge favorite. Along with that, there are more subtle choices too, which may appeal to adults, such as our Deep Blue selection above. All in all, whatever your tastes, you will surely be able to find something that you like!

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