Floral Shower Curtain

71x74 inches


71x74 inches with PVC liner


Product Details

  • Poly printed Shower Curtain with 12 button holes for hook placement (Shower hooks and curtain rod not included)
  • Care: Machine wash in cold water, use gentle cycle only. Do not bleach. Dry flat only.
  • Packaging: Grey poly bag
  • NOTE: During the ordering process, you can zoom in or out, move the photo around, and/or rotate the photo. The actual curtain you get will ultimately be exactly what you see and approve during your ordering process.

Shimmering Beauty

A modern flower shower curtain with a translucent white flower on a stark background.

Flaming Flowers

An array of red flowers in varying sizes on a flame-colored background.

Tulip Dream

A field of yellow tulips make this design a sunny and feel-good one.

Butterfly Touch

The beauty of this one is enhanced by the presence of a colorful butterfly.

Sunrise Bouquet

What better way to start your morning than with a gorgeous bouquet against the rising sun?

Blue Imprint

An unusual flower shower curtain with its hues of blue.

Dahlia Closeup

This closeup of the red dahlia is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Just A Rose

This single delicate rose is breathtaking in its perfection.

Pink Delight

These pink hibiscus flowers add both color and joy to the bathroom.

Flowery Swirls

A gorgeous green, this curtain is unusual in its colors and patterns.

Vintage Corsage

The beige flowers on this one give it a classic and vintage look.

Dewdrop Glory

Stunning is the word that comes to mind when you see this design.

So you are looking for a floral shower curtain?

That’s a great choice. Few things brighten up any room like flowers do. A floral theme, accompanied by some fresh or dried flower arrangements can really provide a complete face-lift to your bathroom. Here, we have picked out several flower designs for you. They range from gorgeous photos of real flowers to prints with flowers in them. You can choose one of a single rose on a stark black background. Or you can select a pink hibiscus in full bloom. You can even pick some modern floral designs, like the green curtain above – one of our favorites. Hopefully you’ll find one above to suit your tastes. But if not, remember, you can always make one of your own. If you have a budding photographer in you, and you have some photos of flowers you’ve taken that you are proud of, you can just create your own curtain. Also, you may find our selection of shower curtains with trees pretty interesting.

You can see a quick video of our various floral shower curtains below.

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