Modern Contemporary Shower Curtains

71x74 inches


71x74 inches with PVC liner



  • Poly printed Shower Curtain with 12 button holes for hook placement (Shower hooks and curtain rod not included)
  • Care: Machine wash in cold water, use gentle cycle only. Do not bleach. Dry flat only.
  • Packaging: Grey poly bag
  • NOTE: During the ordering process, you can zoom in or out, move the photo around, and/or rotate the photo. The actual curtain you get will ultimately be exactly what you see and approve during your ordering process.

Blue Mandala

The perfect geometry and cool colors of this design are soothing.

Pink Abstraction

Multiple shades of pink blend together to create a flower like pattern.

Red Petal Magic

This pattern of red petals is both inviting and magical.

Peacock Bliss

This abstract pattern looks like a bunch of peacock feathers.

Glitter Tile

Could this be a door? A tiled surface? Or a shiny mirror? Take your pick.

Lavender Swirls

This contemporary shower curtain gives a wispy and light feeling.

A Burst Of Orange

Here are a bunch of orange dandelions and feathers dancing around.


This pattern is intricate and seems almost three dimensional.


This modern design will make you feel like you are at the beach rather than in the bathroom.

Colored Glass

Angular and random, this design is truly unique and new-age.

Pink Paisley

If you are a fan of paisley and love pink, this is the curtain for you.


This is an intricate pattern with an unusual color combination.

Modern decor is all the rage nowadays. Many love the clean-cut lines and minimalistic design often associated with contemporary decor. The bathroom is often one of the most important rooms int he house, whether from a personal use perspective or from the perspective of resale. Even when a house is being resold, the bathrooms in the house often make the most impact on the prospective buyer. With bathroom decor, expenses can be quite steep. The tiles, the fixtures, all add up in a dramatic fashion. So especially if you want to change the look of your bathroom in a more economical way, accessories are where it’s at. The soap dispenser, the towels, everything matters. But the biggest visible accessory is obviously the shower curtain. Changing the curtain alone can change the entire look and feel of the bathroom. So if you want to create modern shower curtains, pick one of these designs here – we’ve handpicked them for you. Remember, during the ordering process, you can move the image around, zoom in or out, or rotate the image to personalize your experience. Or take it a step further, and order your own custom curtain for the shower. You can get several ideas on decorating in the video here, or you can take a look here.

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