Tree Shower Curtain

71x74 inches


71x74 inches with PVC liner


Product Details

  • Poly printed Shower Curtain with 12 button holes for hook placement (Shower hooks and curtain rod not included)
  • Care: Machine wash in cold water, use gentle cycle only. Do not bleach. Dry flat only.
  • Packaging: Grey poly bag
  • NOTE: During the ordering process, you can zoom in or out, move the photo around, and/or rotate the photo. The actual curtain you get will ultimately be exactly what you see and approve during your ordering process.

Mossy Grove

A grove of tall straight trees standing on a velvety green floor.

Autumn Flames

Flaming colors of fall, with the blue sky trying to peek through.

Snowy Boughs

A single slender tree, with its branches covered in snow.

White Birches

A multitude of beautiful birch trees on a snowy backdrop.

Majestic Palm

A sole palm tree highlighted against a beautiful sunset.

Pink Blossom

Cherry blossoms filling the branches of a tree make a spectacular vision.


Ponder over life on that bench under the fall tree and overlooking a serene lake.

Shimmering Ray

The mystical deep green of the forest, with some branches dipping down to brush the stream.

Sunny Majesty

A beautiful grove of trees with sunlight streaming through.

Towering Palms

A group of palm trees, splendid in their majestic beauty.

A Walk Through The Trees

A straight row of trees, inviting you to stroll through them.

Birch Cluster

A cluster of stunning birch trees, slender yet strong.

Shower Curtains with Birch Trees, Palm Trees & More

If you are looking for a tree shower curtain, you are in the right place. You want a birch tree shower curtain? We have it. Is one with a palm tree more your style? No problem – take your pick. Dark green trees, lush green trees, snowy white trees, and trees flaming with fall colors for auburn and yellow – we have all kinds of images here. Your bathroom is your haven – a respite from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Its your place to relax and hang out. So create exactly the mood and feel you want. You don’t needs a Marimekko shower curtain, or one from Pottery Barn, or any other brand. What you need is one that says YOU.

Since you like our designs with trees, you may also like a floral shower curtain. These types may also appeal to your aesthetic sense. Or if you have a favorite photo of your own which you love, you might just want to create your own custom shower curtain.

What you really want to think about when making your selection is what kind of ambience you want to create in your bathroom. A forest shower curtain may make your bathroom seem mystical and surreal. One with fall trees highlighting a path may remind you of the road ahead. Birch shower curtains may inspire you to stay resilient and strong, while one with a palm may make you think of soaring heights and open skies. A pure white tree laden with snow may stir memories of cozy winters wrapped in warm blankets by the fireplace. It’s your little piece of paradise, and you get to decide just what you want it to feel like.

You can watch a video of some of our tree shower curtain designs below:

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